Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Relections on "The influence of classroom blogging on elementary student writing"

This reading really shaped my opinion on blogging and its value to teachers and in the classroom. This case study has shown that blogging not only improves literacy but children's attitude towards writing. Students learnt to critique one another, thereby improving self critiquing skills. Children from high to low levels of literacy got involved and developed a sense of pride for their work.
I thought technological teachers were simply ones who accepting an interactive whiteboard into their classroom however I think there's a bit more to it then that. Teachers who can successfully integrate blogging into the classroom in a structured and rich way are overcoming their aversion to emerging technologies and helping students to gain the most from their schooling experiences.
Privacy obviously needs to be managed and i feel like parents would need to feel confident of this before allowing their children to participate. The other issue that needs to be considered before implementing blogging in the classroom is Internet access. If blogging is given as an at home exercise children who do not have access to Internet in their home environment will feel ostracised and be unable to participate. Blogging should therefore be used in the classroom where possible and having computers open for students to use for an hour after school could also be consider.

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